Service Packages

" The secret of getting ahead is getting started. "

  • Reactive Consultation service (see Service Offerings page)

  • Utilize the OAR (Overview, Action, Result) problem solving model

    • Overview of the situation

    • Develop an action plan

    • Execute to achieve the desired results

  • Attentive, rapid response time

  • Continuous monitoring of progress

  • Immediate availability through phone, email, communication apps, web conference & in-person meetings

  • On-call 24/7 support, including weeknights & weekends

Critical Event Service

- Mark Twain
  • Reactive + Proactive Consultation service (see Service Offerings page)

  • Priority service

  • Weekly meeting to discuss new & open issues and inquiries

  • Develop a strong relationship to better understand your company and compliance needs/wants

  • Virtually unlimited support

  • Peace of mind knowing that the answers to your questions are only a quick phone call away 

  • Take advantage of our valuable services without worrying about breaking the bank in case of a critical event

Retainer Program

Project-Based (Ad-Hoc) Consultation

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