Service Offerings

Custom Compliance Consultation Services + Solutions  

  • Regulatory compliance assistance

  • Product risk & integrity assessment

  • Compliance program development

  • Compliance gap assessment

  • Technical and QA/QC assistance

  • Testing program development

  • Testing protocol & specs development

  • Labeling compliance evaluation

  • Design safety & hazard assessment 

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) / Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

  • Other Federal regulatory agency compliance (EPA, FDA, FTC, CBP, etc)

  • CA Prop 65 and other 50-State / various local regulatory agency compliance

  • ASTM & other voluntary standards

  • Chemical & restricted substances

  • Physical & mechanical

  • Flammability

  • GCC/CPC certificates

  • CPSC/state reporting & registration

  • New/pending/enacted legislation (Federal/State/Local) monitoring

  • Training sessions (in-person, remote)

  • Product liability lawsuit assistance

  • Quality inspections (pre-pro, du-pro, final production, loading)

  • Sample seal pulls 

  • Social compliance audits

  • Supply chain security/C-TPAT audits

  • Factory capability & capacity audits 

  • Recall preparation & assistance

  • CPSC Recall database analysis

  • NEISS database analysis 

  • Regulatory violation assistance

  • TRA/LHAMA toxicology assessment

  • Composite wood

  • Pesticides

  • VOC's

  • E-waste

  • Product benchmarking

  • Defective return analysis

  • Market surveillance

  • Compliance database software design, sourcing and implementation

  • Compliance data reporting/analytics 

  • Demand planning, forecasting, budgeting & resource allocation 

  • Expert witness services

  • Serving other global markets

  • Other compliance services

" Quality is about doing the right thing when no one is looking. " 

- Henry Ford
  • Training and education on the required compliance and quality testing program, policies, procedures and processes 

  • Research and consultation on the product technical specifications and testing protocols in a constantly changing environment

  • Product line review - general evaluation and risk assessment

  • General evaluation and feedback of your internal compliance, quality assurance and testing processes/policies to be proactive in detecting gaps and potential issues before it becomes a significant problem and causing unnecessary business interruptions

  • Reduce associated quality and compliance costs/resources by streamlining, reducing and/or eliminating internal process and procedures

Short list of "Proactive" Consultation Services + Solutions 

  • Technical analysis & explanation in layman's terms of lab test failures

  • Interpretation of the internal and external risk(s) associated with lab test failures and other-related product compliance or quality issues

  • Advise on the resolution of lab test failures through root cause analysis and development & implementation of corrective action plan (CAP)

  • Guidance to effectively communicate product regulatory compliance, quality assurance, lab test failures or other related-issues

  • Collaborate with the third-party labs and your internal teams & global supply chain network (i.e. China & off-shore manufacturers) to ensure the issues are successfully resolved and a timely manner

  • Ability to work around the clock with the sense of urgency to minimize the risk of missed ship dates, empty shelves, lost sales, chargebacks, buyer aggravation and other unnecessary business interruptions

Shortlist of "Reactive" Consultation Services + Solutions

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